Gender: Female (Spelling)

Origin: English version of Laura

Meaning: Bay/Laurel Plant

Popularity Rank: #62

Variations: Lauryn, Laurin, Loren, Loran, Lorann, Lorin, Lauran, Lorren


Laur, Elle, Laurie, Wren/Ren/Ryn,

Names It Can Be A Nickname For:Edit

Loranza, Laurentia, Laureen, Laurentina, Laureena, Laurence, Laurent

General/Interesting InfoEdit

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Lauren is most common spelling for girls but Loran/Loren is the typical male spelling though all three are considered unisex names and have been for some time as Lauren was derived from Laurent while Laurel was the female version, though now Lauren is most often considered soley female while Loren/Loran are considered male. (This is the only name that will be included in all three groups due to such diversity) Rainbow~Pariah (talk) 03:18, August 11, 2012 (UTC)